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Mercier Wood Flooring, prefinished hardwood flooring manufacturer, operates in its two mills, in Drummondville and Montmagny, in an ongoing effort to respect the environment. With the maximization of the use of raw material, recycling renewable energy sources, the reduction of atmospheric emissions and responsible wood sourcing, the environmental concerns are at the heart of our business practices.

At Mercier Wood Flooring, we endeavour to work every day to minimize the environmental impact of the products and of the production process. Our commitment is proven every week, through concrete actions.

Nature is at the heart of our mission. Mercier is a complete team dedicated to quality and respect for the environment. We think that daily habits make the difference… and at Mercier, more than 200 people care for the environment everyday.

Forest and workers respect

Traceability of the wood you buy from us is very important, and to ensure that no log comes from illegal logging activity, Mercier engages its partners to supply wood coming from only well managed forests. As an FSC® certified company, Mercier engages itself to control the fiber resource, in order to respect the legal, environmental and political requirements linked with durable forest management, promoting certified raw material supply.

Eco-intelligent and safe

Breathe... Our tradition of innovation has allowed us, since 1981, to develop the healthiest finishes and stains. All Mercier’s wood floors are Greenguard Gold certified, the highest environmental certification on the market. Mercier is the privileged choice for your family’s health!

A natural choice

A hardwood floor is a pure natural product. A study conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) proves that a hardwood floor is the most ecological floor covering choice, showing little or no emission of greenhouse gases and allergens, and using the least amount of energy consumption to produce. It has also the longest service life.

Raw material usage

Since wood is a precious material, Mercier uses the industry’s most yield-optimized production systems, to avoid unnecessary loss of material. The modern sawmill allows us to produce from smaller logs, usually rejected by traditional sawmills.

Zero residue

100% of wood waste residues from production are recycled. Mercier does not waste as a result of its transformation process; wood shavings, sawdust, wood-waste residues, wood chips, bark, firewood logs and even unusable flooring planks are recovered and reintegrated into the industry in various forms: as a fuel for heating the factory, materials for home heating, landscaping mulches, in the pulp and paper industry and for the manufacture of wooden pallets and crates.


All our packages are made of 100% recycled fiber and entirely recyclable, printed with no bleaching agents.


Mercier wood floors can be maintained easily and do not require the use of any chemically processed products, potentially harmful to the environment. To preserve the look of your floor the way it was the day after it’s been installed, just use Mercier cleaning kit, phosphate-free.

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