Accessories Moldings

Nosings, T-Moldings, thresholds… all the necessary moldings are available for a perfect finition of the wood floor installation. Order your moldings with your wood floor at your Mercier retailer.


For smooth transitions between floors in adjoining rooms, T-moldings are the answer. They are perfect in doorways and other passageways, provided the floor surfaces are nearly the same thickness.

Quarter Rounds

Placed between cabinetwork and hardwood flooring, quarter round moldings create a sense of continuity. They also make lovely, subtle transitions between hardwood floors and the wall base.


Threshold moldings are an attractive option where height differences come into play, whether transitioning between two wood surfaces or from wood to tile or carpet. Ideal with glue and naildown floorings.

Stair Nosings

Install stair nosings to give your hardwood stairs that truly profes-sional touch. Stair nosings protect your stairs by absorbing most of the impact from pedestrian traffic. They can be installed in flush and overlap styles, to meet different installation needs.


Reducer moldings can be the answer if you have two wood floors of different heights or want an attractive transition from wood to low pile carpet or vinyl. Mercier reducer moldings are available in 6 ½ foot lengths and in flush, overlap, and bilevel styles for your specific installation needs.

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