Why Mercier?

Mercier pourquoi mercier

The Mercier Signature.

More than 35 years ago, we understood that wood is a natural material that requires a unique approach. Since then, every day, every hour, every minute, Mercier devotes itself to offering and providing high quality products while always respecting the environment.

Eco-intelligent and safe

Our hardwood floors are eco-intelligent and safe. Because we think about your health, the Mercier Generation Greenguard Certified finish made of 100% pure soybean oil is the healthiest choice for you and your family. Concerned about the environment and our forests, Mercier wood flooring and its 200 employees are committed to reducing the environmental impact. Mercier has the lowest losses in the industry with 2 to 3% versus 5% for our competitors. NON-YELLOWING ANTI MICROBIAL* ULTRA DURABLE

Choice and trends

Because you do the choosing, Mercier offers both choice and trends with more than 2000 possibilities. Whether you opt for products from our Design+ Program, Exotic or Nature collections, Mercier lets you create a unique and authentic look that makes a perfect match for your home’s decor. For a perfect transition, Mercier mouldings are manufactured in our factory to ensure a perfect fit and impeccable colour scheme.

Beauty and durability

Because there are always unforgettable moments, Mercier provides the peace of mind for many years to come. Mercier offers the best guarantee in the industry. Besides its 35-year residential guarantee on the Mercier Generations Greenguard Certified, it is the only company to offer a 5-year commercial guarantee. The Mercier Generations Greenguard Certified finish is not only the most durable on the market, but also the clearest and the smoothest.

Quality and expertise

35 years of experience, completely vertically integrated, hyper-sophisticated technology and a team completely dedicated to reach perfection; Mercier has the best products of the industry. With the multiples control points from receipt of wooden logs right to slat finishing, the artificial integrated viewing system for ultra and precise control of the dimensions and grading of slats according to grading parameters, and the colour viewing system, Mercier is able to provide integral quality at each step of its production.

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