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White pine for your wood floors

Canada counts nine species of pine, among which white pine is one of the most sought after. Its rustic and natural appearance makes it a wood of choice. The richness of its appearance, with its abundant veins, gives it unquestionable charm.

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Tips and advices
How to match your wood floor to your walls

The secret to a chic interior is not leaving anything to chance. Wood floors, regardless of species, come in natural shades ranging from light beige to dark brown and with undertones of red, orange and even yellow. This range of colours allows you to play with contrasts, creating beautiful, sometimes unexpected and even stunning pairings. What colours would work well with your wood floor? Let’s find out!

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A Warm and Colourful Christmas

What will your Christmas look like this year? To help, we’ve created four holiday décor mood boards you can use as inspiration based on your decorating tastes, mood, or fancies. 

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