At Mercier Wood Flooring, nature is at the heart of our mission. Every member of our team strives daily to reduce the environmental impact of our production process and of our product itself. We believe that every action will make a difference.

Respect for our forests and workers

The traceability of our wood is essential to us. To ensure that no wood comes from unsustainable logging activity, we tasked our partners to supply wood from only responsibly managed forests that are FSC® certified. At Mercier, we are committed to control fibre resources in accordance with the legal, environmental and political requirements of durable forest management.

Safe, eco-intelligent products

Since 1981, our tradition of innovation has allowed us to produce the safest stains and varnishes available. All our floors are certified Greenguard Gold, the highest environmental certification on the market. We truly are the privileged choice for your family’s health!

The natural selection

A study by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) concluded that hardwood is the most ecological flooring option. Carbon free, it consumes the least amount of energy and water during the production process. It is also the most durable floor covering available.

Raw material use

Since wood is a valuable resource, we use the most yield-optimized production systems to avoid unnecessary loss of material. The modern equipment in our sawmill allows us to process smaller wood logs that would traditionally be rejected.

Zero residue and energy recycling

100% of our wood residues are recycled, meaning that our production process creates zero waste. Wood shavings, sawdust, chips, bark, firewood logs and even unusable floorboards are recovered and reintegrated into the industry in various forms: as heating fuel for our factories and private residences, as landscaping mulch, as raw material for pulp and paper mills and in the manufacturing of wood pallets and crates.


All our packaging is made of 100% recycled fibre. It’s also completely recyclable and bleach free.


Mercier wood floors are easy to maintain and do not require any environmentally harmful chemical products. To keep your floor looking as it did the day it was installed, use the Mercier maintenance kit and products.

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